on to the TX44

Two unique experiences in a cruise for young and old.

Spotting seals

We leave from the beautiful fishing port of Oudeschild. From there we sail via the Wadden Sea and the Marsdiep to the Noorderhaaks sandbank, called De Razende Bol by Texel. This special piece of untouched nature is a high-water refuge for birds and an important resting place for seals. From the deck you can see them lying on the mud flats and take beautiful photos!

On the way back we sail into the largest naval port in Europe: Den Helder. A unique opportunity to admire this from the water! We then sail back to Oudeschild. The entire sailing adventure takes around two hours. Along the way you will hear all sorts of interesting facts about the Wadden Sea, the seals and the naval port.

Nice inside or on deck

During the trip with us on board you absolutely do not have to go hungry, thirsty or cold! Because in our recently completely restyled salon with 125 seats you are nice and warm. (This number has now been reduced due to the Covid-19 virus. Nice weather? Then you are of course outside - completely one with nature - on our beautiful sun deck. If you fancy a drink or a bite, our catering service means you won’t be short on board

Safety first

Safety is our top priority. Of course our ship meets the safety regulations of the shipping inspection. Because of the high railing, our ship is also safe for children.



  • You can pay by pin
  • Dogs are welcome
  • Wheelchair? Be welcome!