on to the TX44

Two experiences in one cruise for young and old.

From June 5th you can also book for inside or outside!

We are happy that we can also receive guests in our beautiful salon from June 5th. The corona rules have been relaxed and that will be a lot friendlier. However, there are still limitations! If you reserve for outside, you can use our spacious upper deck. You can go inside to pick up a snack or drink and you can use the toilet. You will have your own spacious table. If you have reserved for inside, you can use our salon and the large lower deck. You also have a table there. This is all 1 1/2 meters away. If there are a limited number of guests on a cruise, there is always something to arrange. On to the old normal!

Safety first

Safety is our top priority. Of course our ship meets the safety regulations of the shipping inspection. Because of the high railing, our ship is also safe for children.



  • You can pay by pin
  • Dogs are welcome
  • Wheelchair? Be welcome!