on to the TX44

Two experiences in one cruise for young and old.

No sailings this weekend !!!!!

We first had a visit to Ciara and high tide and now Dennis (heavy storm) is also coming! That means we are NOT GOING TO SAIL this weekend !!! The expectation is that on Wednesday (February 19) we will search again for the seals on "the raging globe" and then sail again through the naval port of Den Helder. So please wait for our promotion. Every paying visitor receives a free cup of coffee / tea or hot chocolate in our 125-seat HEATED SALON. (even if it is a bit cooler or raining, you can always enjoy this cruise covered) Look at the sailing schedule for the sailings.

Safety first

Safety is our top priority. Of course our ship meets the safety regulations of the shipping inspection. Because of the high railing, our ship is also safe for children.



  • You can pay by pin
  • Dogs are welcome
  • Wheelchair? Be welcome!