on to the TX44

Two experiences in one cruise for young and old.



Do we need to make reservations for the cruise?

We make sure that we always have a spacious seat for you. That is why we have a limited number of places on board. If you want to make sure you have a place, it is better to make a reservation. But you can also just come to the harbor and join us without making a reservation. Our ship has quite a lot of space, but this is no guarantee! (especially in the main season)



Is the cruise suitable for children?

The cruise is certainly suitable for children. There is a lot to see on the cruise and the ship is safe when the kids are around. And now we actually reveal a surprise...... but they also get a nice present. And if possible, they can also take a look at the captain. And in the salon is a corner where they can learn to knot ropes.

Are dogs also allowed on board?

Dogs are certainly allowed. Provided on a leash

Is the TX44 wheelchair accessible and where can you best enjoy the cruise?

Our ship is wheelchair accessible. We have a wide gangway and we have a disabled toilet. It is best to book below deck. Then you can go to the head of the ship via the aisles. The upper deck is only accessible by stairs. If you make a reservation, make it known and you will receive a nice spacious place.

Do we always see the seals?

We are going to spot the seals at "de razende bol" here they are almost 99%!! Usually you can see them up close. At higher waves we stay a little further away. And we respect that we come into the seals’ habitat, and we don’t want to disturb the peace they have there. This is also laid down by law. We also have binoculars on board that you can borrow for free. And they regularly swim around the TX44.

What to see in the harbor of Den Helder?

The port of Den Helder is different every day. We are the only cruise ship that takes the time to look at everything. You get detailed information about what you see. There are of course many naval vessels in the harbor such as minesweepers, submarines, frigates and much more. We also make a tour through the offshore port and we sail along the port of the KNRM. We have close ties with the navy and you can get a closer look at the ships. You will be amazed at what you see.

Can we have something to eat or drink on board?

We have an extensive catering service on board. Think of coffee with something sweet on the side. We also have various beers, wine and soft drinks (and of course "Jutter") and a menu with various snacks and snacks. But you can also consume your own food or drink on board.

Can we also get off or on in Den Helder?

That is not possible. We depart from the port of Oudeschild and return there as well. There is a possibility for groups who want to rent the ship.

Can we park at the harbour?

There are large parking spaces at the harbor. This is paid parking through Texel vignette or at the machine.

Do you always sail out?

We only sail if it is responsible and that it remains comfortable for you. With a strong south-westerly wind, "de raging bulb" can sometimes go wild. If in doubt, we will not sail. But a little swell brings an extra dimension. If you have made a reservation, we will contact you that the cruise is cancelled.






Safety first

Safety is our top priority. Of course our ship meets the safety regulations of the shipping inspection. Because of the high railing, our ship is also safe for children.



  • You can pay by pin
  • Dogs are welcome
  • Wheelchair? Be welcome!